Philippines is in for another treat! After a huge turn out of Super Junior’s Super Show 2 in Manila,Philippines – promoters are currently preparing for another bid to bring the band back for another concert. Despite strict regulations, Happee Sy, one of the promoters ask for the fans yet again to help her achieve this deal.

Disclaimer. This are all pure talk as of the moment, so we’ll see more details when SM Entertainment does approve Super Show 3.

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All credits goes to PEP.PH

Written by Bong Godinez at PEP.PH
Some parts of the article are omitted, more of the article here

“We deliberately invited more than what the capacity of the venue is because that is what the Super Junior wants. They want it crowded and with lots of people standing in the back… Not too formal but overflowing. So that’s the reason,” Happee Sy of Pulp Live Productions wrote to PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) via Facebook.

Sy even revealed that some of the group members were feeling under the weather when they arrived here in Manila on the eve of the concert: “We had to let them rest or the show might be jeopardized.”

SM Entertainment (Star Museum), the management group that handles the band’s career, is said to be strict when it comes to “implementing rules in promoting its talents,” and to avoid any problem, concert promoters have to adhere.

During the concert, Super Junior hinted the possibility of mounting another concert.

“We are working on Super Show 3,” revealed Sy. “We just got to gather more fans because they don’t like singing on an empty arena. They like it sold out or no show, so we are exerting all our efforts to gather more new fans.”

Sy added that the boys of Super Junior all had a great time during their stay here in the country. “They loved the cooperation we gave them when they wanted silence.”


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