Confirmed! Gdragon’s Shine A  Light Concert will be shown in Korean theaters. Fans who couldn’t go to the said concert could relive the experience in HD in local cinemas.

YG Entertainment stated, ”It will open on the upcoming April 15th in Seoul, including in the five metropolitan cities, through CGV theaters.”

The performance will be processed into digital cinema across the country, as the first ‘alternative content’ by CJ Powercast.

Last year on December 2, 40,000 fans attended and were emotionally moved and overjoyed by the style icon, G-Dragon’s stage presence, and specially prepared lighting, sound, and videos at the concert. (In korean, this all basically sums up to.. ultimate satisfaction!!)

YGE explained that this concert was not planned to just end at simply the enjoyment at the actual concert, but everything was filmed with HD sources to produce DVDs and cinema productions in HD. This was in order to show exactly what it is like to be at the concert.

Source: asiaenews
Trans: Soleil @ ibigbang | taijizero2@YT


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