SONE’S apologizes to the fandom named after yesterday’s slight war. SNSD who were involved in a ‘GlowStick’ Incident just yesterday after performing for the DaeJoon White Day event, got fans defending them from the rude behavior done by a certain group in the audience. Fans therefore had clarified the issue and opts to end the conflict amongst other fanclubs.

The reason SONE’s are apologizing for saying Jaebum’s name was because a few people acting like they were SONE’s began spreading rumors saying that Jaebum’s personal fans threw those glow sticks at SNSD. However, various accounts from SONE’s prove that they were just 2PM fans.

[SONE] We would like to apologize.

I hope that the Bumtists (Jaebum-hottests) know what our SNSD girls had to endure at the 2008 Dream Concert. Because of that controversy, our girls cried and have become very sensitive. We also have heard a lot of unspeakable things from other fandoms. Because of that controversy, we are quick to defend the girls.

However, we hope that the nice Bumtists fans will be able to understand if you were at all hurt by this situation. I know that our girls are so afraid because of the pain they received at the last concert.

Today, something similar happened. As an after account, Sooyoung wrote, “Please take all of these glow sticks when you leave today~^^” Although she wrote it as if she didn’t care, we know that the girls are so very hurt by all of this. And we have also heard that our maknae was hit by a glow stick, although it is unconfirmed at this moment.

But really, we are so very disappointed in Hottests. We hope that Bumtists will be able to understand us at least. We would like to apologize for speaking about Jaebum, us SONES are very sorry. Please, Bumtists, don’t hate our girls but love them. We’ll be very thankful.

Conclusively, we would like to apologize one more time for any misunderstandings with us using Jaebum’s name.

Bumtists, fighting! Jaebum oppa, fighting! SNSD & SONE, fighting!

PS. We find it amazing that there are still Hottests left. I guess they are all personal Dirtists (Dirty-hottest) that are left now?

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(SOURCE) ; hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)


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  1. slaphappy says:

    Was that PS really needed? did they need to throw their hat into that ring? Do 2PM fans need anymore drama? Why potentially irritate other fandoms? Do they want other crap thrown, next time? maybe something dirty. I think other fandoms should keep their mouths shut.

    • ohgelie says:

      That’s why they are apologizing. Coz a lot of fandoms were dragged — when no one has confirmed who did. Fact is, the glowsticks were thrown. And no one can confirm from which group it came. 🙂

  2. rinpuii says:

    anti snsd & sone…

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