A hot issue has emerged after a recent stage of Girl’s Generation in Daejoon (White Big Day Concert) caused some stirs from the audience. Fan accounts has it, a number of glowsticks has been thrown on the stage while the girls performed. Netizens are now pinpointing to which part of the audience did the act, attempting to control a slight war in fandoms.

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Please bear in mind that all of these are either fan accounts or just rumours. Let us keep an open mind until an official statement comes up.

Fan accounts has it, a group of ‘fans’ present in the event threw a number of glowsticks at the girls. After their performance, Sooyoung reportedly said those who threw glow sticks should take theirs back.’ There are still a dozen of rumours pointing out that some of the sticks hit the girls on stage but with only three idol groups on the said event – fingers are now pointing at each other. SNSD, 2PM and Kara were the main acts and from the initial reaction and accounts, it was said that it was a group of 2PM fans.

However, now – some fans claim that no one mentioned a certain fanclub. Some are pointing their fingers to the anti’s who might be present. Still no confirmation which group of people did it but the act of glowsticks thrown around were visible in some fancams.

Here’s a picture in of Jessica after ‘reportedly’ seeing the glowsticks.
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With all the heat raging from this fresh issue, fans of Girl’s Generation are getting mixed reactions. And in an effort to unite everyone once again, an ’emergency’ trending topic with the tag #SONEFORSNSD was made. Despite Twitter having glitches today, the tag has reached the third spot worldwide.

Credits : jeffyer @ soshified

With fans hurting for their idols and a lot of fandoms’ name getting dragged in the controversy, I just hope everything will work out fine. We couldn’t afford another fandom war in this age and I even doubt it if the real perpetrators show up. However, as a fan – all we could ever do is support and protect them.As they have said in a forum, that’s what happens if people has bad manners and conduct.

Cheers. 😉

Article by ohgelie for ohkpop
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