Yesterday, 3PM Korean Standard Time – we received the the original chaos as fans. I know it’s late of posting it, but here’s the little rundown 2PMalways had posted.

The main content of the meeting is about the declaration on the members’ consensus with JYPE to let Jaebeom go. All members said that thery really love him but his fault is too serious so they all agreed with the decision. If fans do love Jaebeom they should not dig into the reason why he permanently withdraws from the group since they do this to protect him. They begged the fans that it should not be revealed. Jaebeom himself agreed with decision.
  • Jungwook stated that Jaebeom did something wrong and  the members are victims of the situation, Therefore, if he did not write “the private life problem”, people will attack rest of the boys. Jaebeom felt sorry for JYPE, 2pm boys and fans so he agreed with Jungwook to write the word.
  • No penalty for Jaebeom for breaching of the contract since jay never shoots any advertising. In addition, the contract ended yesterday.
  • Our rep said that Jungwook and the six members replied sincerely to every question, their words and tone are really strong and their face stoic.

Updates on further activities as a group:

  • There is no plan on new leader yet.
  • K-hottest will continue with their boycott.

Full article here

Info by our representative who attended the meeting,
Chinup_Jay @2pmalways,
Coordinator Cassina @2pmalways


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