After arriving in Manila on the 21st, the Danbi team then head off to Payatas, Manila to do some Charity work for the children there. I am a Filipino and Payatas is one of the poorest places in Manila – only living on finding junks and money on garbage as the city’s dumpsite is there.

After which, the selected kids were brought to Clark, Pampanga. I’m thinking they will be treating them for this one, we can only wait. Fan reports has it, they weren’t allowed to take pictures with him and were a bit strict on the shooting.

Full fan account and pictures : here!


About ohgelie

The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle.

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  1. Feenazz07 says:

    Aww~~Nichkhun with a little boy, why so cute Khun ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you so much for sharing^^

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