I got off a flight to find out about this? Well, technically JYPE has posted a notice in their site saying that they will be holding a meeting with fans of 2PM and 2PM will grace the event as well. It’s somehow the same with the Wonder Girls’ meeting previously, where representatives of each fanclub are screened for applications in order to attend. However, some are already not buying this – holding true to their boycott because they believe that this could be another media play, hinting everyone with Park Jaebom’s effect.



An associate of JYP Entertainment spoke with OSEN over the telephone on the 22nd and stated:

  • “This time, fan representatives, 2PM members, and representatives of the company will be participating. The last conference with the Wonder Girls fan representatives were held in private. However, we expect the scale of this conference to be larger in comparison.”
  • “This conference will be a place where we will be able to have a heart-to-heart talk about the truth and authenticity of the various rumors that have circled Jaebum’s withdrawal.”


Credits to Insider2PM

  • The meeting on the 27th with fans also acts as another “leader test.” Taecyeon will be talking to the fans the most out of the six members and he will be discussing 2PM’s future plans.
  • It’s likely that JYPE will also use Nichkhun to appeal to the fans’ emotional side. This isn’t part of the “leader test”.
  • Note: KHottests are fully aware of the fact that the members will most likely be manipulated and are prepared to handle a variety of possible scenarios that JYPE could throw their way.

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  1. For some reason, I’m kinda looking forward to [hearing about] this conference.

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