Despite dividing the whole trip in two groups, Super Junior’s fans were still able to cause a ruckus with the arrival of their idols. The organizers had originally placed in security guards and volunteers with their arrivals, but the fans weren’t put out of it. Some were ended up hurt, some describing the scene as out of control.

credits: + Kyuhyun's baidu bar reuploaded by dDonika at

The power of Super Junior eh? Full article under the cut.

Because of the concert at Taipei arena on the weekends, Super Junior arrived in Taiwan on the afternoon of the19th in 2 different flights. Due to the fact that the flights arrive at Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 consecutively, the organizers hired over 50 guards and self-supporting students* to guard. Some of the fans stayed over at the airport the night before to book their spaces to see their beloved idols, causing the halls of both terminals to be flooded with fans.

Although it was separated into 2 groups and 2 different flights, the blockade that was originally in place became useless once the fans sees Super Junior. Besides the intense pushing and attracting the other tourists’ criticisms, they even banged hard on the glass and climbed to high places. The whole situation was nearing impossible to control. Despite so, the airport police still tells the fans to move back with a tone of displeasure.

In this trip, SJM’s Zhoumi and Henry followed along and because of his schedule, Siwon will only arrive just before the concert. Both groups of members headed towards Sherwood Hotel after leaving the airport to prepare for rehearsals at the Taipei arena in the night.

Credit:tw news
Translated by τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪ @ SJ-WORLD.NET.


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  1. sukira says:

    LOL.. hope elfs here can control their selves from screaming in NAIA! there will chaos! hahaha… i swear! triple or make it four when shinee went here! haha..

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