It’s February and upon many things in Korea – this month means a lot to the nation’s graduating classmen. Here is OHKPOP’s recap of your favorite idols who attended their ceremonies this year.

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A collection of your favorite celebrities and their graduation ceremonies. I’ll try to look for an official list of those who graduated this February, but this would do for now.

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February 4th is F.Cuz’s day after two of their younger members Kan and YeJun graduated from Yehsool Highschool, with their brothers Jinon and Leeu in attendance of their academic achievement. Maknae Yejun also got a Student Representative Award.

February 9th marks the Seohyun’s special day as SNSD’s maknae graduates from ChunJoo Entertainment Highschool.

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With her is her school’s diploma and an Achievement Award, recognizing her effort in helping their school make a name by her entertainment-related appearances.  She will now continue her academic venture after passing this year’s 1St Occassional Entrance Exam on Dongkook University.

On the same day, C.N.Blue’s Jungshin graduated from highschool as well. Other members Minhyuk and Jonghyun are also set to graduate but can’t attend their ceremonies.

February 10th holds special to SHinee’s member Key and Minho after graduating from their respective highschools.

Minho has been accepted to Konkuk University while Key will continue to focus on their careers for the meantime.

Also, Dongho (UKISS’s maknae) also graduated from middle school – and shall enter highschool on the next term now.

With most of today’s maknaes passing their graduation rights – it’s good to know that most of them still values their education. And a big applause for some of them attending their ceremonies, this is certainly not one of those events to be missed.

Updates to the no-show graduates on my next post, if I do catch them all. 😉
Photo credits as tagged, some on their captions.


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