This is another first for the blog. Ohkpop brings you the highlights to this week’s music shows. The stages, winners and performances.

Credits to Jesh at 2OD

On the 5th of February on Music Bank, one idol group performed for the KBS stage for the first time and won this week’s Kcharts right after. The girls of SNSD did it with ease – with debuts from Untouchable,UKISS and Min Kyung Hoon right after. Also marking their prowess in the Kpop industry with a different attack, 2AM and CNBLUE performed for this week’s special stage. Followed by promotional performances from F.Cuz, ZE:A, Trax etc.

Music Core held out another attack as a special stage from SNSD ‘ Star Star Star’ plus an Oh performance was confirmed.

Lastly, today’s show Inkigayo knocked a first off 2AM’s career. They won their first mutizen for the song ‘ I can’t let you go…’. This is the first chart trophy they had since debut leaving the members both crying and smiling for joy.

I am somehow happy that there’s an even distribution of awards this week. As a 2 AM fan, I can only heave out a big sigh upon winning their first award. They superbly deserve it. With UKISS entering this week’s stage, would everything change next week?

We’ll see. 😉


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