Fans in Korea were delighted today after a surprise concert from C.N.BLUE was seen in the streets of Hongdae. Apparently, the boys recently took part on a Guerilla Concert and will be aired on MNET TV soon. This was only the first stage out of four that they are currently planning. Details under the cut.

If you don’t know what a guerilla concert is, here’s a definition of it. A Guerilla gig is a type of concert performed in a non-traditional setting or arranged in an unusual fashion. -Wikipedia

I read a fan account in C.N.BLUE’s Soompi Thread saying that an announcement for the surprise concert was made an hour before the actual concert.  Their first stage was named ‘BURNING’ with Jung Hyun  planning the concept, date and time. The rest of the three stages will be planned by the next members on the theme, LOVELY, UNTOUCHABLE and EMOTIONAL.

News has it, the concert will be aired on February 10 – after a cryptic advertisement on Mnet’s website.Still unconfirmed, but here’s the link – MNET (Credits to chiara@Soompi)

Fan Account by saturn. @Soompi

I went to guerrilla concert today (Feb.04) to Hongdae area.
Luckly I was near there at that time so I could go. It was a real guerrilla concert!
It was announced on official website at 2:14pm. And the concert was from 3pm.
I ran there as soon as I heard it, but I arrived there about 3:25pm, I could see only 1 song.
That’s OK, anyway I could see CNB members and huge musical instruments & equipments. It was full of a truck.
They sang all 5 songs and ‘I am loner’ one more time.
It was very very cold today but they looked so happy and energetic.
It seemed live performance is a source of their energy.

It was a first guerrilla concert, named ‘Burning’. All were planned by Jong Hyun, a concpet, time and place.
There will be Lovely, Untouchable and Emotional street concert.
The date and place will not be announced till just before the concert.
Because it’s not for fans, but random people on the street.
Fans are guessing which place will be suit for ‘Lovely’, a cute amusement park or a quiet palace.

Yong Hwa said it will be aired through MNET TV.
After concert, they moved to a cafe, seemed they did a photo shooting for fashion magazine.
The wall was all glass, we could see them taking pictures. They waved to fans sometimes.

Picture reuploaded by Chiara + yssatorns@soompi
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