Marc Jacobs has worn it, Jean Paul Gaultier’s models have walked the runways with it. Including to the list are Yves Saint Laurent and Alexander Mcqueens who displayed such in one of their collections or so. And lately, high street fashion brand H&M – has launched their men collection together with their explicit harem pants, causing comment uproar from fashionistas alike. If you still don’t get what I mean, it’s skirts – only worn by men which is predicted to be one of the metrosexual trends this year.

Jean Paul Gaultier

And who in Kpop do you think has worn it?
FInd out under the cut:

An editorial by ohgelie for ohkpop:

Pants they say are simply recent innovations in the world of fashion and with all the many fashion editorial and blogs I have read so far, Skirts for Men are slowly being made available for all metrosexuals and fashionistas alike this 2010. Just recently, H&M has been put to that light after they had laucnhed their Menswear 2010 Collection that includes skirts, hosier and harem pants for men.


And in the world of Kpop – one person ceases to keep this trend alive, it’s no other than Bigbang leader Kwon Jiyong aka Gdragon. This idea of the article came up after I saw him wearing a pseudo-skirt in one of their recent Big Show Concerts.

Fancam credits to bbvipz/soompi

Pseudo-skirt you ask? Well, it does looks like a men skirt upfront. But look closer, or even behind it – It’s a skirt worn like an apron, with fitted pants underneath. From afar, it looks as if it was of those shirts that has been tied around the waist – but it’s not.

However, as I researched more of his fantastic way of styling himself – I saw this photo of him. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s one of his promo teasers for his Shine A light Concert – a true representation that skirts for men has been slowly catching our attention. Only worn in a different way, compared to Marc Jacobs who has bared his legs out.

In some bloggers point of view, it’s time to make way for men to rediscover their passion for fashion once more – as clothes mentioned here have already been worn decades ago, only to be forgotten when the era of pants arrived.

So, who else are wearing this metrosexual trend?
I’m eyeing for more Kpop potential.

But for now, Kwon leader has my thumbs up!


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5 responses »

  1. nice article! keke! GD carries it off well~
    The next person i can think of trying this ‘trend’ is Hongki! Maybe Key too.

  2. GDelicious92 says:

    I knew it’s GD all along..
    That cute hottie..

  3. strikemaster says:

    I’m not a metrosexual. However I like to wear skirts (kilts for instance). It have nothing to do with metrosexualism (nor Scottich heritage, I’m not of Scottish descend), skirts are very comfortable and healthy for males.

  4. 유몰리 says:

    I saw a live performance video of bts and one of them was wearing a skirt.

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