Male idols in the Korean Pop industry has always been praised for their metrosexual sense of fashion. With concepts being made even before a debut or comeback is set – I’d have to praise the stylists and the coordinators for very advanced preparations. Back in 2009, it would seem funny that men or male idols donned harem pants – with MBLAQ and B2ST debuting on almost similar concept. However, critics can stop laughing now – as 2010’s Spring/Summer Collection features Harem pants for men.

Don’t believe me?
Details under the cut:

Like most things traditional coming in to the modern world of fashion and random transformation, it’s hard to believe that Harem Pants entered the high fashion industry with ease. Just as I was about to get  sick of harem pants for females, Ready to Wear designers launched their collection with almost the same concept – only this time for men. Move over critiques, Avante Garde for males is in.

Issey Miyake, a world famous fashion designer launched it in his 2010 Paris Fashion Show, only to have a Turkish touch to it.

Even fashion mogul H&M took a break from their skinnies and has updated their catalogue with Men skirts and Harems. And as an avid Kpop follower, almost all rookie groups who has debuted in late 2009 up to now – has worn them as part of their concept.

So, when did this all Harem Craze entered my mind? When ZE:A debuted with their song Mazeltov, my sister and I said to ourselves – Harem Pants all the way, almost 9 of them worn it. I was about to get sick of all the Harem (MC Hammer) craze when I bumped along some articles saying that it might be still a big thing this year.

Only to realize that at least one members of MBLAQ or B2ST has also wore one earlier. Noted from their debut photoshoots to their performances.

You can also find it on rookie group, F.CUZ – on the second version of their music video JIGGY. With slight anticipation that they will be wearing it in one of their performances some day.

At the moment, I have no comment with male idols wearing them. I am more amazed by the fact how their stylists could pull of such look even before a trend starts. Mind you, as  a female – I did own one harem and it’s the boys rights if they wanna stay for those figure hugging skinnies or stay true to their concepts, it’s their choice. But from the looks of it, this look is soooo gonna stay. Haha.

Kudos stylists & coordi noonas! 😉

As a closing remark, a picture from the King of Harem Pants in Kpop.

Fashion, Love & Respect.


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  2. Kenneth says:

    uhhmmm, do you have any idea to buy male harem pants?
    i really want them.

  3. Kenneth says:

    uhhmmm, do you have any idea to buy male harem pants?
    i really want them

  4. dneis says:

    this trousers are cute i like theemmmmmmmmm!!!1

  5. leonard says:

    where can i buy them???

  6. super..mak says:

    your facebook can iborrow you fb

  7. Scelo says:

    I love the design of this pants , would like to see more pictures of this clothing line and where can I buy them I’m in south Africa

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