BEAST left Korea today, and flew to Taiwan for their promotions together with 4 Minute. However, Member Kikwang is unable to join them due to conflicts on their schedule. 😉

CREDITS: NEWSEN (SOURCE); illuminate.@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

6-member group BEAST will leave Korea on the 21st for their first promotions in Taiwan. However, 5 members without Kikwang will board the plane.

BEAST will participate with 4minute in a promotion which will take place on the 23rd in Taiwan’s TICC Center.

With this, BEAST and 4minute have begun international promotions for the first time after the joining ceremony with their company CUBE Entertainment and global record company Universal Music.

Through various other appearances, BEAST members have gained fans in Taiwan even before debut. For their joint concert with 4minute, more than 5,000 seats were pre-ordered, and there are high expectations for this promotion to continue the Hallyu wave.

Despite this good news, there are many guesses as to why all six members are not participating. But a company representative cleared up the rumors and said, “The date for this promotion conflicted with Lee Kikwang’s personal schedule, so he will not be able to participate.” Currently, Lee Kikwang is appearing in MBC’s “High Kick through the Roof.”

Through his promotions last year as AJ, Lee Kikwang has already made his name know to many people in Taiwan. Regarding his inability to participate in the upcoming performance, Kikwang said, “I’m sorry I am unable to reward the fans’ waiting. In order for all six members to show a great side of us soon, I will not spare any hard work.”

In the meantime, the new blue chip of the entertainment industry Yoon Doojoon will meet the members at the Incheon airport as soon as he returns to Korean from Cambodia for filming of MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night’ program ‘Danbi.’

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