KPOP PROFILE : ZE:A (Child Of Empire)

ZE:A, 9 membered rookie idol group, has debuted today hence the Kpop Profile segment if you do want to get to know them. Initially named, Child Of Empire but change it to ZE:A due to same name controversies.

Members profile under the cut:
Mind you, it’s lengthy.

All Credits goes to ZE:A’s Official Soompi Thread
(Source: mnet ; 1st International Child of Empire Forum (info)+ `heejin-ssi (graphics))

Click here for more fandom:





Credits to NineEmpire

Name: Nativity
Type: Mini Album
Release Date: January 7, 2010

Track List:
1. Love Coach
2. New Star
3. Mazeltov


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109 responses »

  1. kairah says:

    who is sing in the first line in mazeltov song…i want know…

  2. kairah says:

    and….he wear the blue jacket…who????

  3. kairah says:

    that is park hyung sik????

  4. kairah says:

    what is the meaning of maknae…???

  5. Z:EA Girl says:

    I Have a friend who really likes Z:EA Kids!!
    I love `em..!
    But Can anybody put more pic for `em?

  6. wafa says:


  7. Nai-LON! says:

    is this a new group that was form in 2010???

  8. […] KPOP PROFILE : ZE:A (Child Of Empire) […]

  9. Park Kim Jun says:

    Im same age with Park Hyung Sik 19 but I love Kim Dong JUn because he very kior

  10. muiz says:

    dong jun 17 yaers old this year??? i cant believe it

  11. nisa says:

    yeah..luv ZE:A eva..

  12. die hard fan says:

    kim dong jun n park hyun sik r very cute….!!!!!love them,,,when they wanna come 2 Malaysia????

  13. fatin hazirah says:

    cute ze:a ..
    my kevin s0 cute n 28 years old ?
    i’m right ?? dude !

  14. dongjoon says:

    I LOVE U

  15. Bella U Lala says:

    saranghaeyo dongjun oppa….
    u r so cute n i like your voice…
    kamsahamnida ZE:A….

  16. Dina Lee says:

    ZE:A is CUte Group Saranghae….

  17. sher yonce says:

    all of them very cute….right??i can’t choose who is very cute bcoz i think all of them has their own style….xoxoxo

  18. epin says:

    what is mean by “maknae”?
    i’m not korean,i’m malay…..i don’t know what it’s mean… it assistance?

  19. bebe yoseop says:

    i love dong jun….so cute…..his age juz like my older brother….hahahaha…hope he will be my second older brother……juz kidding……huhuhuhu…..

  20. dolly says:

    Love you Dongjun :*

  21. Yuki0na talky says:

    I Don;t get it why people hated siwan so much i think he so cute….i luv him so much i love dongjun to but not as much as siwan….and i hate ha min woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. g-fa says:

    i love u moon

  23. Moon Ha Ni says:

    I love Moon Joon Young so much!!! I think you are the cute leader in South Korea

  24. angel says:

    Why had people hate siwan???i don’t believe it.siwan so cute and very cute guy.i think because of that others hate him only because they are jealous with it i’m true???anyone answer me…..

  25. EXcayesha says:

    i like hwang kwang hee and kim dong jun cause their cute and very handsome

  26. nakatsu dax samjey says:

    i like hyungsik oppa because he so tall n her dance w0w!!!!!!!! haha and he so cute!!!! than ze:a member…

  27. Lyana says:

    I like dongjun!!he is handsome!!:D

  28. Fazlin T-ara Lup'z says:

    I LOVE ZE:A,especially SIWAN….

  29. fazeka tasha says:

    ZE;A has a nice song.I like to hear mazeltav and here i am song.
    Who is important singer in ZE;A????Can you all[ZE;A] answer me???

  30. Zaila Aliman says:

    dongjoon is my…………

  31. hyu lin GD says:

    siwan oppa…neon neomu yebbeuda…..jinjja!!!
    saranghaeyu siwan.min woo and jun young oppa!!!
    yongwnhi saranghaeyo!!!!
    all member ze a is da best!!!
    ze a daebak!!!

  32. nur adyla says:

    zea member you all so cute …

  33. love chingu says:

    dongjun oppa….neon naeui boyfriend,,,huhu
    dongjun oppa neun congmal kiyowoyo…jinjja oppa…
    saraghae oppa<3…ze;a daebak!!!when we will see ze;a live concert in malaysia???hope that will be soon,,,

  34. I love all members of ZE:A… cool,great,awesome,cute and handsome!! 😀

  35. ZE:A’s Songs are wonderful,also they all hve a unique talent…i dont want to judge by hate or like..but they are special in they’re own way…I like people who appreciates wht they do…also they are always there when they’re friends are in trouble…so ZE:A FIGHTING!:D..goodluck in your success..^u^

  36. Jun Sheng says:

    l like their ! it’s a super nice song make me crazing love it ! ❤ i like dongjun! =))

  37. enre mochi says:

    I like all of them specially Dongjun, they are all adorable, nice, cute and all talented.. fighting!!! Saranghaeyo!! ^_^

  38. Realtaeyang says:

    Z:E* was so cool!! I Love HyungSik ssi!! HyungSik where is your mess?? I wan’t to come there, when I was go to Korea!!

  39. alyssa says:

    maknae is the younghest in the group.i love it foever!!!

  40. hyu lin GD says:

    ze a oppa,
    my beloved siwan,minwoo,hyungsik,junyoung,kevin,taeheon,heechul,dongjun and gwanghee..
    neomu neomu saranghae…heart for 2 and watch out song was sooooooo cooool!!!!
    especially heart for 2..
    really touched my heart n wanna cry..

  41. dong,yo,ke,chun says:

    kim dongjun ..hyungsik ..and kwanghee!!! i love u guys!! u guys soo funny and cute!!!dongjun u have abs and cute>//////<..hyungsik u have ur cute smile ^////^ kwanghee ur soo funny and have the cute smile like hyungsik!! saranghaeyo dongjun,hyungsik,kwanghee soooooooo much!! ❤

  42. MariaGkwang says:

    Dongjun oppa saranghaeyo. . . !! I love oppa.. !! Dongjun oppa U soooo cute.. I hope ZE:A will make concert live in Malaysia K.. !! Dongjun oppa saranghaeyo… !!! Don’t leave me okey..!! ZE:A fans don’t forget ZE:A k. . . . !! Dongjun oppa saranghaeyo!!

  43. siwaaaaaaaaaan. neomu saranghae oppa. :”>

  44. maknae myung says:

    hmmm….i guess it’s the last time i will visit this website….thanks 4 d infos.

  45. park jiyeon t-ara says:

    ..woOo i have want think to say..:))and wanna ask..:))

    i think z;ea is a new heart trob of all k-pop fanz (rite)…-tought only-

  46. raj says:

    i love zea group

  47. caren daroca says:

    i love you ZE:A.. your #1 in my heart and in the philippines

  48. raj says:

    i wish you can have concert here in philippines!!!!!

  49. faezlina says:

    oppa keep fighting!!!!

  50. nouof^ says:

    انا ا احب هذة فرقة الرائعة ^_^

  51. lucel abarintos says:

    ze a are cute
    especially was ha min woo
    and park yung sik your the best

  52. lucel abarintos says:

    i love ze:a

  53. lucel abarintos says:

    ha minwoo
    i can see the personal income

  54. VINCE UCHIHA says:


  55. IVY CHIENG says:


  56. lerujia says:

    I LV ZE:A YOU GUYS I BE KOREA TO THEY IN THERE. THEY ARE SO handsome in real people.

  57. rshinedown says:

    Dong Jun Oppa has a adorable wink.
    I think winking is his habit.
    I Love him so much, I love his wink too.

  58. lidya says:

    dongjun…u r so cute…..4 me junyoung and dongjun r reserved

  59. whute de fuhh says:

    ze:a so cute …..

  60. Karl1358 says:

    Plz….. Somebody teach me how to write and understand Korean language, I already knw how to read. I want to understand Kpop songs!

  61. hadzirahzira says:

    ZEA are the best korean group

  62. whute de fuhh says:

    it they have a new song ???

  63. rochelle says:

    im the other fan of ze:a my bias is jung heecheol and ha minwoo oppa<3<3<3

  64. nevinnie nie says:

    love u all zea

  65. EunNa_JunYoung says:

    ZE:A,hwaiting!!Neomu neomu chowahae,Kim Dong Joon oppa,Saranghae Moon Jun Young oppa,Saranghamnida,Kevin oppa,Hyung Sik oppa,Siwan oppa,Tae Hyun oppa,Hee Chul oppa,Min Woo oppa, & Kwang Hee oppa!Aza Aza Hwaiting!~

  66. chanchan says:

    I like WATCH OUT and HEART FOR 2

  67. Haz za says:

    Luv u ZE A. Hee Chul, you are really good friend.

  68. chanchan says:

    Are u and Hee chul are good friends?Wow,it’s so good.Just kidding.I am one of ze:a’fans.What state are you from?

  69. mi nam says:

    dung jun you are the best

  70. Jenny vang says:

    I think I watch a drama with Im si wan he was so cute too

  71. ran mouri kamsa says:

    ze:a are you guys acting too ???

  72. eOchi Dan Gwiyeoun says:

    i Love em’ aLL !! ♥_♥

  73. fifey says:

    Dong Jun oppa~ srangaheyo!!! i always dreaming abou you!! keep up the good work for all ze:a members especially dong jun, kwanghee and siwan oppa~!!!!!!!! ❤

  74. YATI says:

    Hyun-sik and Si Wan.I love.

  75. YATI says:

    ze:a group is amazing.

  76. sha says:

    I like taehun

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