The Blackjacks can never be left alone, as their favorite girls — 2NE1, has left New Year Messages for everyone.

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Credits to the Daily Kpop News:


To: All the Blackjacks~♡
Is everyone well? This is everyone’s cutie pie “Minggi”!!
The new year 2010 has arrived~ Now Minggi is 17↗*
I’ll become even prettier~ You’ll watch over me right↗
Please play together with 2NE1 in 2010 as well~ ^^
Because Minggi trusts in all the Blackjacks~ keke
Please be healthy and have a Happy New Years~!!

Director Yang
Please give me
some New Year’s money ㅠㅠ
Want you!!

* – in Korea the ages are all 1 more than in America


o BlackJack !!! ♡
Hellooo~! ^.^ This is SsanToki!*(Bom is beside me harassing…)ㅠ.ㅠ Aah~!
It’s 2010! Kya~! A really memorable 2009 has passed… and a new year has arrived!!!
Be healthy in the New Year too! And I hope that you’ll have a happy one with your family~ and friends! Also…
You’ll continue to love 2NE1 more~ more than last year by a lot! too~right?!↗ I’m trusting in you guys! ^.^
Happy New Year Black Jack! Muah~!

(On the bomb)Fortune
<–Pocket of Fortune**

2010/21 – Please be a huge hit!

From Blackjack’s cute SsanToki…
^.^ Bbyong!


Thank you so much for 2009!
Please take care of us in 2010 too~
〞Happy new years〟

From CLoo.


o Black Jack~ ♡
Hii~♡ I’m Bom~ Bomtaro* kekeke (beside me Ssantoki keeps telling me to stop being so cunning >< This Ssan!!To!!Ki!! You’re gonna get a scolding!!)
Now it’s already a new year ♡
Spending 2009 with you guys made me really happy…♡
I’ll never forget it in my life~ =) In 2010 I’ll upgrade myself even more~♡
Happy new year~♡
Please have a happy new year~ ♡

From Bom~♡


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