Year-End Awards’ Shows are back as the year starts to come to an end — and more special performances and appearances are in store to continue the hype of the audiences. This time, we have the KBS Gayo Festival on the Limelight.

BIG CREDITS to Sookyeong@Kbites:


  • Broadcast time: 30th December Wednesday 9.55pm (1st part: 85 mins/2nd part 85 mins – Live broadcast)
  • MC: Hwang SooKyeong, Han SeokJoon, Kim Kyeong Ran announcer
  • Performing artistes: Super Junior, 2PM, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, SHINee, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, 4Minute, Davichi, LeeSsang, Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong, Kim TaeWoo, K Will, Lee SeungChul, Shin SeungHoon, Kim GunMo, Park Jin Young, Son DamBi, Baek Ji Young
  • Special appearance: 2Days1Night team, Jang GiHa and Faces, DJ Park YoonJeong


  • 2009, which song is the most popular song picked by the viewers?!

    • <2009 KBS Gayo Festival>will pick the song which received the most love in the past 1 year. 2PM’s <Again & Again>! Super Junior’s <Sorry Sorry>! So Nyeo Shi Dae’s <Gee>!
    • 2NE1’s <I Don’t Care>! KARA’s <Mister>! Davichi’s <8282>! Baek Ji Young’s <Like Being Hit>! These are the finalists. Please look forward to find out which song the viewers will pick as the best song of the year.
  • Park Jin Young & Son DamBi, the birth of the best sexy couple!!

    • Sexy guy Park Jin Young and sexy queen Son DamBi will be putting up a couple dance performance on the show.
  • 2Days1Night team comes together!! Mong ah~ SeungGi ah~ We are coming!!

    • The 2Days1Night team, who would always shout ‘Variety mentality’ no matter how hard it gets, will come together for MC Mong and Lee Seung Gi for a special stage.
  • Idols come out!! Doing legends ‘Shin SeungHoon.Kim GunMo.Lee SeungChul’

    • Kpop’s legends Shin SeungHoon, Kim GunMo and Lee SeungChul will appear together on KBS Gayo Festival.
    • Known for their great vocals, the 3 singers will have a joint stage with 2009’s best idols. Shin SeungHoon and 2PM!! Kim GunMo and So Nyeo Shi Dae!! Lee SeungChul and 2NE1!! They will be putting up special stages.
    • The fantasy <Legend & Idol> stage. A making-of VCR video will also be revealed.
  • Michael Jackson comes alive on KBS Gayo Festival!

    • There will be a memorial stage for pop prince Michael Jackson on KBS Gayo Festival.
    • There will be both dance and song performances prepared in memory of pop legend Michael Jackson. 2PM, Super Junior, So Nyeo Shi Dae and KARA etc some of 2009 best idols and charming guy Kim TaeWoo’s stages!!
  • Popular drama ‘IRIS’ music drama revealed!

    • ‘IRIS’ will appear once more on KBS Gayo Festival.
  • The hit songs from drama ‘IRIS’ will be performance on stage – Kim TaeWoo with ‘Dreaming’, Baek Ji Young with ‘Don’t Forget’, and Shin SeungHoon with ‘Love Of Iris’ – all in on stage for the first time on broadcast programs.
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