After two years of performing, and countless minutes of training to become what they are today — Korea’s Girl Generation’s has just started their First Asia Concert Tour, and it deems good reviews. 😉

 It has been two years since their debut. Years of training, wondering when they will debut. Amidst all of the blood, sweat, scandals and tears, SNSD have finally accumulated to one point: SNSD finally reached one of their main goals that many musicians dream about–to have their first solo concert; “Into the New World”.  Whether you are a fan or not, you simply cannot deny that 2009 was the year of SNSD.  Whether you are a supporter or not, you simply cannot deny that SNSD are one of the hardest working, most successful and most influential groups that the kpop industry has seen in quite some time. In a sea of pink, with a night having fans chant their names, singing along endlessly word for word to their songs, December 19th, 2009 was a day that no one could take away from SNSD.

Go to for the full article and fancams.

Concert Set List:

Complete concert set list:
01. Opening video clip (9 Angels)
02. “Tell Me Your Wish” (Genie) Remix
03. “Show Me” new song
04. “Girls’ Generation”
05. Intermission (Cowboy Western Theme)
06. “Beginning” Remix
07. Opening Introduction of each member
08. “It’s Fantastic”
09. “Etude”
10. “Ooh La La”
11. “Kissing You” Remix
12. Intermission Video (What the girls do in their spare time)
13. “One Year Later” featuring Jessica and Onew of Shinee
14. “Umbrella”  Tiffany Solo
15. “Hush, Hush”  Taeyeon Solo
16. “Introduce Me a Good Person” Yoona featuring Shindong and Eunhyuk of Super Junior
17. “Sunny” – Sunny Solo
18. Intermission Video (Tough angel)
19. “Chocolate Love”
20. “Destiny”
21. Intermission Video (Diary about fans)
22. “Honey” Ballad Version
23. “Merry go round”
24. “Dear Mom”
25. “Day by Day”
26. “My Child”
27. Intermission Video (Korean Cinderella Story)
28. “Barbie Girl” Jessica Solo featuring. Key from Shinee (I’m not joking.)
29. “Santa Baby” Sooyoung Solo
30. “16 going on 17” and piano performance Seohyun Solo
31. “Singing in the Rain” vocal line
32. “Over the rainbow”  Taeyeon, Sunny, Jessica, Seohyun
33. f(x) “Chu~♡”
34. “1, 2 Step” Yuri Solo feat. Amber of f(x)
35. “Tell Me Your Wish” Poppin Remix and “Everybody in the Club Gettin’ Tipsy”  Hyoyeon solo
36. “Rhythm Nation” Dance Battle: Yoona, Yuri, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung
37. Intermission Video and SNSD tribute song
38. “Into The New World”
39.  “Be Happy”? (song title still not 100% confirmed) New Song
40. “Himnae”
41. “Gee”
42. “Touch the sky”


43. “Naengmyun”
44. “Hahaha”
45. Fake Closing
46. “Complete”
47. “Baby Baby”

concert setlist credit to: Windcaptain@bestiz and JunEunHae<3 @

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