Super Junior Kangin can breathe a little bit loose, now that his first case has been deferred for prosecution by the officials. Meaning, there will be a disciplinary punishment as part of his misbehavior but no criminal charges has to be made.  However, that’s one case down — he still has another one to face, which in pursuit shall also be the cause of a stop in his activities until resolved.

One good news and bad news at a time, eh?
Stand by Kang In dear Elf’s. 🙂

Super Junior Kangin (real name: Kim Youngwoon) assault cases received deferred prosecution, as confirmed by the official.

On September 16, Kangin was in a pub in Gangnam, Seoul, in which he was involved in an assault case along with two other suspects as well as Mr. Kim’s staff.

There was an act of violence and thus disciplinary action should be taken as a punishment for violating such law, but no criminal charges involved. The police indicates that they have deferred the prosecution and disposition.

However, he is still held responsible for his action so if in the future, such crime is committed, the law may be enforced and used against him at the discretion of those who is in charge of the inspection. In other words, it was determined that the law enforcement agency will take legal action should the case once again be prosecuted for the same incident.

On October 16 at 3AM, he got himself into a DUI case after ramming his car into a taxi in Gangnam. This particular case has yet to be resolved and still awaiting for punishment.

Meanwhile, this act of violence and a drunken hit and run incident have put a stop to all of Kangin’s activity at the moment.

source: newsen + tvdaily | translation:
article: myystiqueen @ twelfs

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